Monday, 18 May 2015

World War 2 Propaganda Posters – part 3

During World War 2, and for a period beyond, the Allies generated propaganda to influence the population towards support for the war effort. A wide range of media was employed aimed at local and overseas audiences. Traditional forms of media such as newspapers and posters were joined by new media, including cinema (film), newsreels, and radio. A wide range of themes were addressed, fostering hostility to towards the enemy, support for the allies, and specific pro-war projects such as conserving metal, waste, and growing vegetables.

For more information see part 1. For earlier works see parts 1 - 2 also.

This is part 3 of a 9 - part post on World War 2 propaganda posters:

1942 John Philip Falter. Remember Last December! (USA)

1942 John Vickery. "God help me if this is a dud!" His Life Is In Your Hands (USA)

1942 Joseph Hirsch. Till We Meet Again. Buy war Bonds (USA)

1942 Leslie James Gardner. Back Them Up! (UK)

1942 Marc Stone. Back Them Up! (UK)

1942 W. Kroman. Back Them Up! (UK)

1942 Let's All Fight. Buy War Bonds (USA)

1942 M. Privitello. Join the Navy - And (See) Free The World (USA)

1942 McClelland Barclay. Dish it out with the Navy! Choose Now While You Can (USA)

1942 McClelland Barclay. Sub Spotted - Let 'em Have It! (USA)

1942 Melbourne Brindle. "Bundles for Berlin" More production! (USA)

1942 Rationing Means Share and Share Alike (USA)

1942 Siebel. Someone Talked! (USA)

1942 Stanly Ekman. It's Plain Horse Sense. Act - Think Safety (USA)

1942 Teven Dohanos. Good News from Home. Tanks Planes Guns Ships. More Production (USA)

1942 The Wilkinsons. You Buy 'em We'll Fly 'em. Defense Bonds Stamps (USA)

1942 Too Little and Too Late (USA)

1942 Walter DuBois Richards. Save Rubber. Check Your Tires Now (USA)

1942 Walter Richards. Housewives! Save Waste Fat For Explosives! (USA)

1942-43 Are You Doing All You Can? (USA)

1942-43 He Can't Fix Guns In The Air! Build 'em Right! Keep 'em Firing! (USA)

1942-43 Let's Catch Him With His "Panzers" Down! We Will - If We Keep 'em Firing! (USA)

1943 A good soldier sticks to his Post! - And That Includes Soldiers Of Production! (USA)

1943 Al Parker. Grow your Own. Can Your Own (USA)

1943 Albert Dorne. "We're Moving Up!"... Keep Those Supples Coming!  (USA)

1943 Arthur Schnacenberg. Help Him Get Through! Buy War Bonds (USA)

1943 Be Ready For War Service. Join Red Cross Student Reserve (USA)

1943 Bernard Perlin. Let 'em Have It. Buy Extra Bonds (USA)

1943 Bradshaw Crandell. Join the WAC Now! (USA)

1943 Can All You Can, It's A Real War Job! (USA)

1943 Charles Andres. Enlist in the Coastguard SPARS (USA)

1943 Clayton Kenney. Keep It Up Brother (USA)

1943 Courtney Allen. "The Commando Is Doing A Great Job Moving Men And Material." (USA)

1943 David Margolis. For All the Brave. Buy War Bonds (USA)

1943 Don't Let this Bug Get You! (USA)

1943 Eileen Evans. Lend a Hand with the Potato Harvest At a Farming Holiday Camp

1943 Enlist in the Waves. Release A Man To Fight At Sea (USA)

1943 Grant Reynard. Lend a Hand! Bonds Buy Bombs(USA)

1943 Harold Lehman. Invest in Invasion. Buy War Bonds (USA)

1943 Harry Morse Meyers. I Need You On The Job Full Time... Don't get Hurt (USA)

1943 Henry Koener. United We Are Strong. United We Will Win (USA)

1943 Henry Koerner. Save Waste Fats for Explosives (USA)

1943 Howard Scott. Couldn't Have Done it Without You! (USA)

1943 Howard Scott. Take It From Me Brother - We've Still Got A Big Job To Do! (USA)

1943 Hubert Morley. Join Women's Land Army Of The U.S. Crop Corps (USA)


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