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Jacob Riis – part 2

Jacob Riis by Pach Brothers 1903 albumen print
Jacob August Riis (1849 – 1914) was a Danish American social reformer, "muckraking” journalist and social documentary photographer. He is known for using his photographic and journalistic talents to help the impoverished in New York City; those impoverished New Yorkers were the subject of most of his prolific writings and photography.

This is part 1 of 2-part post on the works of Jacob Riis. For biographical and background notes on Riis and earlier photographs, see part 1 also.

1890c Street Arabs gelatin silver print

1890c Street Arabs in Sleeping Quarters

1890c Talmud School in a Hester Street Tenement

1890c The Baby’s Playground

1890c The Board of Election Inspectors in the Beach Street School

1890c The Mott Street Boys, "Keep off the Grass" gelatin silver transparency with hand-colouring

1890c The Mott Street Boys, "Keep off the Grass"

1890c The old Five Points Mission School gelatin dry plate negative

1890c Tramp in Mulberry Street Yard

1890c "Two Greek children in Gotham Court debating if Santa Claus will get to their alley or not. He did" gelatin dry plate negative

1890c Upstairs in Blindman's Alley gelatin dry plate negative

1892 Two boys asleep at 2 a.m. in the press room of the "Sun" newspaper gelatin dry plate negative

1895 A man on the floor of a police station lodging house gelatin silver print

1895 Bringing Foundling to Police gelatin silver print

1895 Ludlow Street Cellar Habitation, Dec. 1895 gelatin dry plate negative

1895 Mountain Eagle and his Family of Iroquois Indians - One of the few Indian families in the city, found at no. 6 Beach Street, Dec. 1895 gelatin dry plate negative

1895 Shoemakers in their Ludlow Street Cellar, Dec. 1895 gelatin dry plate negative

1895c "Bottle Alley Mulberry Bend in its worst days, picture used as evidence in murder case - cross on stairs shows where murderer stood and did shooting" gelatin silver print

1895c Bottle Alley, Mulberry Road

1895c Chinese Opium Joint gelatin silver print

1896 Mulberry Bend

1896 Shanty Town gelatin silver transparency

1896 Shanty Town gelatin dry plate negative

1897c "Yard in Jersey Street (now gone) where Italians lived in the then worst slums.." gelatin dry plate negative

1900c A Child of the Dump gelatin silver print

1900c "Children's Playground on Ellis Island (roof garden). The Children of detained or waiting immigrants" gelatin silver print

1900c The New Idea; a Stairway of Public School No. 170 gelatin silver print

1902 Boys in summer school wood shop class at Brooklyn's P.S. 32 gelatin silver transparency

1902 Cooking Class, Public School

1902 Rattan weaving vacation school

1902 What the Boys Learn on their Street Playground

1910c Organized Charity. Outdoor School

1910c Family Living in One Room gelatin silver print

1911 "A carrying-in-boy in a Virginia glass factory. He works all night every other week" gelatin silver print

1911 A Dependent Widower gelatin silver print

1911 "A few of the boys going to work in the Night Shift in a Virginia glass factory" gelatin silver print

1911 Organised Charity. In the Oyster Camps, Child Labour gelatin silver print

A Growler Gang in Session

An English Coal-Heaver's Home

Girl from the West 52 Street Industrial School

Hester Street

Minding Baby, Cherry Hill

Shoemaker in a House in the Courtyard of 219 Broome Street

The Short Tail Gang under the Pier at the Foot of Jackson Street

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